Our third LP 'Stella Interrupted' out and in the crazy world !

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Stella Interrupted. 2024.

In 2006 we released our second album ‘Longing Was a Safe Place to Hide’ and then we broke up. Everything to do with the band had become difficult and it was obvious we could not keep going.

After 13 years we were convinced by long term supporter Craig Kamber to reform and play Melbourne Music Week in 2019. It was a success with fans flying in from all over the country to see the band play. We had a lot of fun and the crowd was just wonderful. However, it was also obvious that the original line up could not continue and the band once again came to a stop.

I recorded a selection of songs and started working with producer and mixer Mikey Young. Jamie, who had also been working on and releasing his own solo work for a few years started to contribute opinions, ideas and expertise. Then so did Jesse. We started writing together again and the album started to take shape but most importantly excitement returned. I really love playing with them both and am grateful we’ve had the chance to make this recording.

The album has been engineered by the three of us mostly in the room that adjoins my kitchen over the past 4 years. Some bits and pieces were put down in the Grampians, North Melbourne or around the corner in Luke Buckley’s garage. It has been aided by synth related exploration through the pandemic and a few friends that contributed to the recording: Sarah Heyward, Misty Jenkins, Philip Brophy, Luke Buckley and my Dad!

We hope you like ‘Stella Interrupted’ when it comes out April 6th... It has appeared some 18 years after ‘Longing’…but better late than never.

 Love from Sianna

P.S We are not going to tour this album at the moment because (as I've mentioned on the socials) one of us has a sick family member, one of us has just had a third baby and one of us is relocating overseas, but we will see what we can do in the future.


Sianna Lee vocals / guitar

Jamie Slocombe guitar

Jesse Lee bass


Joe Hammond drums

Tim Harvey guitar 


2001 Umabel (EP)

2003 Something White and Sigmund (EP)

2004 Love Outside Andromeda (LP)

2006 Longing was a Safe Place to Hide (LP)

2019 Acoustic Demos 2003-2005 (EP)

2024 Stella Interrupted-(LP) Scheduled for release April 6th 2024


- released ‘Phoenix Propeller’ (2010)
- composed the soundtrack to the ABC documentary ‘The Still Point’ (2017) with Lara Soulio
- a member of Slow Motion Pictures and released the album ‘Tourmaline’ (2018)
- created sound design and soundtrack for augmented reality game ‘Misadventure in Little Lon’ (2019) and 'Murder at Eastern Market' (2021) for True Crime Mysteries Melbourne


- released a solo LP titled ‘Glow Little Thunder Pixie’ (2013), written and recorded in the USA

- played in 'Jamroots' that were a short lived but much loved, local Mornington Peninsula pub band

- currently working on a solo project under the moniker 'Roæds'


- is a long time member of The Blow Waves, with several releases: ‘Little Bitch’ single (2008), Self-titled EP (2009), ‘Do It (All Night)’ single (2016)

- under the alias Mind Alike has released ‘Ultimo Furlough’(2018), 'High Rise Ghosts' (2020), 'EP1' (2023), 'EP2' (2023) and 'LP3' (2023)