Albums & EPs

Longing was a safe place to hide

Longing Was a Safe Place to Hide

Released September 2006 through Shock Records and iTunes.

1. Razorstonefree
2. Enora
3. Bound by hurt dissolved
4. A room full of people
5. Sparrow
6. Keep looking at the sky
7. You and me amplified
8. Measuring tape
9. Hook in my throat
10. Past tense (but a prayer nonetheless)
11. A pretty girl for a power game

Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape Single

Released June 2006 through Shock Records and iTunes. Artwork by Joe Hammond

1. Measuring Tape
2. Bound by Hurt Dissolved

Love Outside Andromeda

Love Outside Andromeda

Released September 2004. This release is currently available through Shock Records. Artwork by Tim and Budge Harvey

1. Tongue Like a Tether
2. Made of Broken Glass
3. Gonna Try to be a Girl
4. Boxcutter, Baby
5. Something White & Sigmund
6. Your Baby, My Blood
7. Hecate Pose
8. Chameleon
9. Improper Methods
10. Juno
11 If You Really Want So Little From Me
12. Achilles (All 3)

Something White & Sigmund

Something White and Sigmund

The SOMETHING WHITE AND SIGMUND Ep was released in 2003 and was recorded by Shane O'Mara at Yikesville. This release is currently available through Shock Records. Cover art by Matthew Chapman

1. Something White & Sigmund
2. Mercury 2 Degrees
3. Raido
4. Third Dimension Colour Scene
5. Starseeds



UMABEL was released in 2001 and was recorded at Bootfull Audio by Matthew Dufty.This EP is available at LOA gigs. Cover art by Matthew Chapman.

1. Umabel
2. Back of my head
3. New dawn
4. Raido (acoustic - for mole)



Live a Version

Like a Version

Triple j's Mel Bampton brings you 'Like A Version'. A compilation of tracks recorded in the triple j studio during her program every morning. End Of Fashion, Grinspoon, Missy Higgins & more.

Love Outside Andromeda – Andy Warhol (David Bowie)