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News for 2010: Love Outside Andromeda's singer, Sianna Lee, is launching her solo career! Check her out at

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Registered: 31st March 2007
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Hi back again, been awhile, just read last entries, tad more internet savy now, prob wont reveal as many personal details over an open forum as previously; but no regrets, got to meet a great person :). Went to see Sianna play the other night up here in Newcastle at the Lucky Country, but got held up at work and couldnt get there til late. Unfortunately missed her performance, I thought she was the headlining act too and would be on later but not so. Ive got to get myself a computer so I can see her new stuff, or at least hear it.

Anyway still glad I went, hope all are well.

1st July 2008 9:48 pm
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