So what do you want to know?

Bored small-town kids move to the big city seeking fame, fortune and a new drummer. The latter they find at gig number one. The fame and fortune thing? It's a work in progress.

The first EP (2001) has enough charm to earn them "ones to watch" status, and some spectacularly average Tuesday night headline gigs. EP number 2 makes a surprise impression (although detractors claimed it WAS an impression), and our naïve young heroes join a national tour as the opening support, earning $100 per gig (not $100 each, by the way). In a logic-defying display of t-shirt sales, the band amazingly makes the tour profitable and celebrates with a Bloody Mary. Perhaps there is something afoot.

2004. Next logical step: full-length album. By now the band are hitting their strides, honing their craft, cutting their teeth, finding their feet and tiring of the clichés. The self-titled debut is embraced by the Australian kids and broadcasters. And so continues the quest to find the best roadhouse food in the country, catering for vegans and omnivores alike. They forget the merch in Brisbane, lose a hi-hat stand in Newcastle, leave an amp in Sydney, have a
guitar stolen in Melbourne, lose track of time in Perth, forget their troubles in Hobart and lose sleep in Adelaide, but along the way our protagonists play some blinding gigs. The one night they are chosen by the hand above to be the
greatest band on earth is unfortunately the night AFTER the live-to-radio, home-crowd, documentary-crew album launch. That one was a shocker. Oh well.

So here we are at album number 2, titled LONGING WAS A SAFE PLACE TO HIDE. It features "Bound By Hurt Dissolved", "Measuring Tape" and "Sparrow".

Joe Hammond (drums)
Jesse Lee (bass)
Jamie Slocombe (guitar)
Sianna Lee (vocals, guitar)

Umabel EP (2001)
Something White and Sigmund EP (2003)
Love Outside Andromeda (2004)
Longing was a Safe Place to Hide (due Sept 16, 2006)

All releases except Umabel distributed by Shock Records Australia.